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Shanghai translation company is returned from studying founded by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for industry and commerce, and a registered professional translation companies, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai translation company, Shanghai English translation interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, Shanghai, Shanghai simultaneous translation, language translation, Shanghai. Industrial and commercial registration number 3101122096484. Shanghai translation company is a professional translation agency designated government institution, seal has the English translation in Shanghai notary public record, certificate number (2005) No 10,101th card.

Shanghai Bo language translation limited has social the field professional translation personnel and the Shanghai foreign language University, and Fudan University, and Tongji University, and traffic University, and Peking University, and Beijing foreign language University, and University, more by brand University of translation master total 2000 name, which core translation personnel 327 name, each field at least has 2 name experts translation trial, can for including trade, and legal, and financial, and IT, and medicine, and mechanical, and chemical, and car, and building, and Over more than 40 areas of real estate, translated into 56 languages. In practice to quantify the quality of control of the company. Published level quality control index: errors translation rate below 1 ‰, tiny text sex errors control in 2 ‰ following; Shanghai Bo language translation limited quality control index: errors translation rate control in 2 ‰ following, tiny text sex errors control in 5 ‰ following; reference level quality control index: blunder rate (that wrong translation leak translation) control in 5 ‰ following, small wrong rate (that tiny text sex errors) control in 10 ‰ following. In actual operation, company with customers on quality, delivery and consensus on the relationship between three factors: price, careful analysis of customer needs, thereby greatly improving the customer's ultimate satisfaction.

Shanghai translation company internal market, personnel, translation Department, Finance Department, revisers, graphic design department, and standardize business processes and strict quality control system. Shanghai translation company based in government agencies, enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and all other unit and personal service.

Shanghai translation company with a good reputation, Supreme service, excellent quality achieved a high reputation in the translation of colleague. Faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance are our norms take full advantage of the Internet and advanced software is the cornerstone of our success; to provide you with high quality, high efficiency, low cost service is our eternal pursuit. Shanghai translation company services will give your business into the world of economic globalization opening convenient way!

Shanghai local customers can pick up for free, send drafts, you can provide a free test translation (200 words), 24 hours a day.  

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