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Notice to customers

1, the company declared that damaging to the national interest, national interest, violations of People's Republic of China laws and regulations, and contrary to international practice your presentation, this company refused to translate it.
2, professional documents: highly specialized sections, hope provided reasonable support. To ensure that the interpreter to translate quickly and accurately translated. (Past translations, glossaries, reference files, or respond to questions about the Advisory, etc)
3 time: translation is a difficult and complex mental task, time and translation quality is often directly proportional to invested. If non-urgent or very urgent, please try to give us sufficient time.
4, interpreting: consecutive interpretation 2-3 days in advance booking, simultaneous interpretation must book 1 week in advance.
5, quality control: for difficult to avoid some mistakes in our work, we are trying to make up for at the same time, will be in strict accordance with the contract to give customers an economic compensation.
6, translation of objection: If the customer disagrees with the translation, please receive, and submitted in writing within seven working days after, the company will provide free true to the original amendment, to seek perfection, to meet your requirements. If deemed to surrender.

7, responsibility: the company is responsible for the accuracy of the translation, the direct and indirect consequences of the use of the translation is not responsible.

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