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Internet translation tools or weapons of cyber criminals

Recently, Germany G Data the company for its European customers issue safety warning: If you get an email from your bank, you need to be more vigilant, it could very well be cyber criminal at work. They use the Internet to provide translation tools, such as Google translation software to facilitate, spam easily translated into the language they want. Such a case in the Netherlands and Belgium has taken place, Netherlands language French and the spam is with the help of Google translation software to perform.  

statistics show that virtually all of the malware is not the Netherlands origin. Especially those phishing websites, they try to take your password and login information through e-mail of malicious programs seeking help from money-laundering and the like, tend to their original language is English.  

However, cyber-criminals have discovered that an increasing number of online translation software that makes it easy for them to get help. In the translation software, for example, with the help of Google translation software, spammers have been able to freely use such tools to make Netherlands language spam.  

"I was very impressed with, since Google provides Netherlands after language translation, we received a lot of translated into Netherlands language spam," security expert Eddie G Data. Williams (Eddy Willems) said. "For spammers, they need thanks to Google translation software to the translation tool to open the Netherlands language market's door. "Can say lots of online translation tools like the Google translation software, as spammers provide a much broader market.  

according to Eddie. Williams describes the show: many people are convinced that spam is English. Eddie. Williams said: "the Netherlands more users will trust Netherlands language message and response speed faster than ever. "According to Eddie. Williams estimated that Netherlands who will respond to email more than twice times faster to respond to Netherlands language spam.  

another typical problem is to be noted that, throw away junk mail has been translated into Netherlands language doesn't count in Belgium Wallonia in the South (Wallonia), G Data also found a lot of junk e-mail was translated into French.  

in fact, by computer translation cannot be comparable to human translation, computer translations will often appear very obvious grammatical or spelling errors. Even fast translation website translation resource updates, but computer generated still feels the sentence is not perfect.  

recently, the Netherlands Group (ING) in their own instance e-mail '' fraud '' on display on the home page, they look like ING's own, but in fact all from the hands of cyber criminals. On display in these messages there are a large number of errors in the sample.  

However, users still have these fake messages when. "Even if there is an error in the message, but users always thought '' this was just an e-mail ''", Williams said. Compared to those who mail paper letter, users of e-mail does not know how much high expectations, the flaws are acceptable.  

fishing games trying to steal login information email and 419 cases of financial fraud were translated into other languages. Williams said: "there is the potential for profit-driven, making the network translation software to be good investment projects. "And for the translation of '' pure '' spam, such as in the case of viagra mail, there is no G Data special mark as spam.  


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